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Stuck in update mode
Tried to update my 6600M to 2.4.9 and it never completed the display just showed the 2 s meters and the power button was solid purple. We...
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Bad Link
Michael, the link you put up for...The importance of good CAT cables . -- AKA Cables do go bad is bad. It goes to a 'Page Not Found'
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SSDR iOS listening mode.
Hi I enjoy using smart SDR iOS app and find myself listening 95% of the time. I also find the audio clicks and pops rather tiring ...
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Fragmented Packets and packet size
While trying to fault find an issue with the waterfall and spectrum not displaying on a remote smartlink connection.....I observed while ...
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New Maestro display hardware ?
In the highlights for SmartSDR v1.11.12 it lists Support for the new Maestro hardware (feature #5160)#5160   Maestro: Changes to support ...
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