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TX 1 2 3 not working
OK just got the Flex 6700 back from fan repair...thanks for that...but TX1 2 3 are not keying my amp.  They are enabled.  What am I missi...
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Receive Latency
I just made some measurements on cw receive latency and wanted to share them.  I used a simple methodology of recording the tx sidetone i...
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PW1 interface with v1.10.8
Has anyone tried the new USB cable interface with the PW1? I am not home so I can't try it myself and have had mixed results with DDUTL. ...
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Odd network issue
I have a laptop and a Dell pc all on the same network as my 6300. Today, I forgot I left the laptop on with CAT and DAX running in the ta...
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SmartSDR v1.5 WLAN?
It seems I was under the wrong assumption that SmartSDR v1.5 was going to add WLAN capability. While I am grateful for all the improvemen...
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WAN a priority?
I hope to see WAN a high(er?) priority.    I would like to see at least one 'Me Too' clicked on to feel a little bit validated in wanting...
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