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Why does Flex make almost impossible to find the accessories order page on their website? It should be a drop down under products. If I w...
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CWX Messages
Is there any way of PERMANENTLY deleting the CWX messages in global profiles, other than deleting all the global profiles and starting af...
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tx3 profile
I haveSO2R set using TX1 and TX2 and as I change bands theTX follows no problem.  Now I want to use my 6 meter amp and use TX3 for PTT.  ...
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Problems with WSJT-X
I'm unable to get my flex 6300 to work correctly with WSJT-X. I am using slicemaster and everything is configured correctly. For the pas...
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CW Skimmer
Hello im trying setup CWskimmer, but signal did not decoding any idea? Yuri N2TTA
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For sale Antenna Genius 8x2
For sale Antenna Genius 8x 2 Contact me off line QRZ address
  • AH0U, 3 months ago

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6400 Noise Floor
I have seen lots of questions about why the noise floor is about -110.  How do you lower it and is there a setting to make it better.  No...
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