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SSDR V3 Pros and Cons
I have started this conversation as a method of understanding how V3 is doing in the real world. It is NOT for bickering, do that somewhe...
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Cannot connect to the radio
Everything was working when I turned off things last night. Now says it cannot connect to the radio. The radio and computer are connected...
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CW Paddles
Looking to learn CW and i need some paddles  that will last me for awhile but i don't have big bucks to spend. any suggestions?
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6600 Split issue
When operating split with receive slice A and transmit slice B the signal strength of A decreases when engaging slice B. This just start...
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Problems with WSJT-X
I'm unable to get my flex 6300 to work correctly with WSJT-X. I am using slicemaster and everything is configured correctly. For the pas...
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FM repeater carrier freq
Just started using my DEMI 2MLDPA and notice the repeaters carrier freqs. are 400 cycles higher than their posted freq. ... is this a fu...
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