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Photo of Doug
Controlling PGXL using Ipad
I can not turn on/off the amp from my Ipad. It shows the Icon and it appears to be turned on but in fact is not and clicking on this Icon...
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Photo of James Kennedy-WU5E
I just purchase a PG-XL to replace my ALS-1306 I should have my PG-XL on the 20-21st. What are some the tips and do not do this can some ...
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PG-XL v3.4.10 update
It's great to see a firmware update for the PG-XL has come out, especially considering everything that's going on with the COVID situatio...
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Photo of David Warnberg
Power Genius XL
Does anyone have or been using the Power Genius XL yet?  What is the status on the amp? I see they are able to put on "reserve" but are ...
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