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FLEX-6400 Signature Series SDR


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Photo of Chuck Sinclair
CW Paddles
Looking to learn CW and i need some paddles  that will last me for awhile but i don't have big bucks to spend. any suggestions?
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Photo of Homer1952
RFI 6400
6400 RFI issue-I looked thru the previous posts & it looks like I may have a unique RFI issue with my 6400, but many of us have struggle...
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Photo of Paul
Multiflex & DAXIQ
Does anyone know if all users connected via multiflex will be able to generate a DAXIQ stream at the same time? If so, this might persuad...
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Photo of Dan KG0AQ
Almost every time I really need Smartlink to work via my SmartSDR IOS app I can never connect. I don't use it that often...mostly weekend...
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Photo of N5LB - Lionel B
Tune Anomaly
I am reporting this because it may be a bug.  Here's the scenario. Slice B 3.925 LSB.  Click on TUNE and no output. Change to USB. Click...
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