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FLEX-6400 Signature Series SDR


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Photo of SA7AKE
Cw Tx distortion
Look at pictures, the TX cw signal looks very wide with distortion. Looks like this in 6, 10 and 17m. Can anyone explain why it looks lik...
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Photo of Lars DL4JLM
VFO A<<>B?
Hello all, I am missing the functionality to copy VFO B data to VFO A (A<<B) and exchange the VFO A and B data (A<>B). There ia a (A>>B)...
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Photo of W2ENY
MOJIX battery for Maestro
Guy is selling them on ebay, $18 shipped.  I grabbed two, thought I'd share.  Cheers!
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Photo of K7JV
HELP - No side tone o CW
HELP!!!   Flex-6400 w/Maestro - On CW I no longer have a side tone while keying the Bencher.  New Flex system as of about two weeks ago. ...
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