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FLEX-6300 Signature Series SDR


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Photo of Steve - M3SXA
When I first see the announcement about the waterfall being added I thought ok... can't see myself using that much but actually I now fin...
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Photo of Jay -- N0FB
With a great deal of mixed emotion, i am presently Flexless. KA3NAM purchased my beloved 3000 this weekend. Joe will be a fine additio...
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Photo of K6OZY
The 6300 is wonderful!
Here is a video of a quick 30 minutes with my Flex 6300. Here I make a DX contact on 20M at the start at 2AM, which is unexpected on my C...
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Photo of K6OZY
Flex 6300 - SmartSDR WSPR Setup and Demo
In this video, I show how to setup SmartSDR with WSPR. I had a bit of a hiccup initially with CAT, but it started working. Notice how man...
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Photo of M0GVZ
Audio in/out on SSB via computer.
Apologies for asking this if its been asked before but my Google skills seem to be failing me in trying to find an answer and wading thro...
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Photo of Lee
Flex 6300 initial impressions
The 6300 is offered for sale starting Monday.  I do not work for Flex but I have been a flexiando since the very early days of the SDR-10...
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