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Photo of Mariano Colacilli
Sidetone Smartlink
Hi, I want to hear sidetone via smartlink using N1MM or Wintest with winkey but I cant hear my TX ... any idea what may be going on? ...
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Photo of Bill -VA3WTB
To Flex Radio
I want to mention the latest SD card problems as it reflects on the customers. It seems clear that a group, or maybe just one person has ...
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Photo of Torrey Mitchell
FOR SALE Flex 6600M
Like new seldom used Flex 6600M including Flex control pod, FHM-2 mic, and power cord.PEN and heat sink mods performed.  Very clean.  Ori...
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Photo of Steve G1XOW
OTH Radar on 6m
Just thought I'd share this snip of the OTH radar signal on 6m in case you wondered what it might be. This signal is thought to be from e...
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Photo of Rob G6EIH
SmartLink error
I thought I’d post this image showing my Smart Link login page looks great except it’s not my login or call, in fact none of the details...
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Photo of Mark Erbaugh
While I’ve had my 6700 for over 5 years, I’ve never used profiles, and I decided to try. I must be missing something, I don’t see how you...
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