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Photo of Reg
PG XL Power On Question
I received a PG XL amplifier a little over two weeks ago.  Aside from the fact that it arrived from FLEX loaded with a developmental buil...
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Photo of Conny N5HC
FLEX-6600M and RTTY Skimmer Server
How to use a RTTY Skimmer Server with FLEX-6600M, presumably via the SDR-Bridge? Using Windows 10 Pro and the latest available Skimmer an...
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Photo of F4FFZ
wintest CW winkeyer spacing
wintest CW, the spacing between the characters with the keyboard is very important, how to reduce it ? I modified winkeyer sans succés. I...
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Photo of LA9AKA
6600 Transverter problems
I have some issues using my HA1YA ME4T (70Mhz) transverter on my 6600. I have been using the transverter on my IC-7800 (using common IF) ...
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