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Tuner Genius XL v1.1.16 Firmware and Utility are Now Available

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

FlexRadio announces the immediate availability of the Tuner Genius XL Firmware v1.1.16 and FlexRadio Tuner Genius Utility. Tuner Genius XL v1.1.16 is a general release intended for use with all Tuner Genius XL ATUs, that includes performance enhancements and bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to the Tuner Genius XL Firmware v1.1.16 as soon as possible.

NOTE: The Tuner Genius XL firmware is now fully integrated into the FlexRadio Tuner Genius Utility, eliminating the need for a separate firmware download. Please review the Tuner Genius XL v1.1.16 Release Notes before installing the new FlexRadio Tuner Genius Utility and firmware to ensure an optimal software installation experience.

Do not use previous versions of the FlexRadio Tuner Genius Utility with the latest version of the Tuner Genius XL firmware. Always use the Tuner Genius Utility provided with the Tuner Genius XL firmware upgrade.

IMPORTANT: Screen Calibration is Required

After the upgrade from v1.1.8 to v1.1.16, TGXL will require a screen calibration by touching the three blue dots shown on the display.

For initiating a screen calibration manually, the user must hold the TUNE button while powering the device until the calibration display is shown.

The Tuner Genius XL v1.1.16 Utility/Firmware can be downloaded from the FlexRadio Systems website.

The following are highlights for the Tuner Genius XL v1.1.16 Release:

  • Screen capturing implemented for service purposes (Ctrl+Alt+P)
  • PTT indicator bug fixed (lightning up both A and B when transmitting)
  • Improved FLEX integration
  • Touchscreen activated / useable for TGXL 3-way models)
  • Touchscreen calibration / automatic and via the API
  • TGXL 3-way models can switch antennas via the touchscreen
  • Fixed FLEX frequency rounding bug
  • Fixed the FLEX interlock bug and improved relay switching timing
  • Minor bug fixes