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SmartSDR v2.7.6 is Now Available

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

FlexRadio Systems announces the immediate availability of SmartSDR v2.7.6.

This version of SmartSDR fixes the SmartLink login issue for the Maestro and M Model FLEX-6000s. FlexRadio highly recommends upgrading to SmartSDR v2.7.6 at your earliest convenience. FlexRadio strongly recommends not reverting to any previous versions of SmartSDR v2 to ensure the optimal user experience.

SmartSDR 2.7.6 can be downloaded from the FlexRadio Systems website. SmartSDR v2.7.6 is a maintenance release containing important software bug fixes for version 2 of SmartSDR for Windows, SmartSDR for Maestro, SmartSDR for M models, SmartSDR CAT, and DAX. 

Please download and review the SmartSDR v2.7.6 Release Notes included with the release package before installing SmartSDR v2.7.6 on your FLEX-6000.


WARNING FOR ALL USERS: SmartSDR v2.7.6 and all subsequent SmartSDR v2.x versions require version 4.6.2 of the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework is an integral component of the Windows operating system that supports running applications on Windows. The SmartSDR v2.7.6 Installer will automatically update the OS and .NET version for the Maestro and M Model FLEX-6000s. PLEASE READ THE SMARTSDR v2.7.6 RELEASE NOTES FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE UPDATE FOR MAESTROS AND M MODEL FLEX-6000s BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE UPGRADE.

For Win10 users, the .NET update is already installed and should not require any actions to update the .NET Framework. For other versions of Windows, you may be prompted to upgrade the .NET Framework before you can use SmartSDR v2.7.5.

Please follow any prompts provided by your version of Windows for the installation of .NET v4.6.2. Also, a reboot of the PC may be required after upgrading the .NET Framework on your PC. Note that you may have to install Windows security updates as a prerequisite before installing .NET v4.6.2 and .NET 4.6.2 may not install on unsupported versions of Windows.


AVAILABILITY OF OLDER VERSIONS OF SmartSDR: Starting with SmartSDR v2.7.3, SmartLink is no longer supported with previous versions of SmartSDR. All previous versions of SmartSDR for Windows, except for SmartSDR v2.4.10, including SmartSDR for the Maestro and the M models will no longer be available for use after the forthcoming release for the Maestro and M model radios. This will give you time to prepare for upgrading to the latest version of SmartSDR. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of SmartSDR at your earliest convenience. This has ramifications for remote users since radio firmware updates are not supported over a SmartLink connection.



In order to update the Maestro to SmartSDR v2.7.6, you must be able to connect to a FLEX-6000 before you can start the upgrade. And you must be able to maintain the connection to the FLEX-6000 throughout the upgrade process.

FLEXVSP NOTE: If upgrading from SmartSDR v2.7.3 or below, this version of SmartSDR will update the FlexVSP driver. The SmartSDR installation software will automatically remove the previous FlexVSP driver and install the new one. Please reboot your PC when prompted at the end of the SmartSDR v2.7.5 installation process to ensure the FlexVSP driver is installed correctly. The new FlexVSP driver is not backward compatible with previous versions of SmartSDR CAT. An unhandled exception error will occur when using previous versions of SmartSDR with the new FlexVSP driver.


Release Highlights for SmartSDR v2.7.6

Fixed SmartLink Login Issue for Maestro and M Model Radios: Due to a security update to Auth0, the software used to manage secure access for SmartLink, the .NET Framework used with previous versions of SmartSDR does not properly support the TLS v1.3 security update. This issue has been resolved for SmartSDR for the Maestro and the M Model FLEX-6000 software defined radios. Starting with SmartSDR v2.7.5, all versions of SmartSDR will require version 4.6.2 of the .NET Framework (#J8420)

OS Updates for Maestro and M Model Radios: Add the .NET Updater for OS and .NET updates for the Maestro and M Model FLEX-6000 radios (#J8424)


The SmartSDR v2.7.6 Changelog:

#J8424 – Add the .NET Updater for OS and .NET updates for the Maestro and M Model FLEX-6000 radios

#J8420 – Update .NET Framework to 4.6.2 to fully support TLS 1.3 for secure SmartLink connections for Maestro and M Model FLEX-6000s